It’s with great pleasure that Curt presents you his new album

Troubadour MMXV
Troubadour-front Troubadour-back
Traveling around the old continent of Europe while playing music at magical places and events as a professional musician inspired Curt to compose the tracks on this album. Many ancient rhythms and musical styles including Celtic, Medieval, Middle Eastern, Sephardic, Raga’s from India and more. A worldwide unique fact is that 13 different handpans, each one with a distinctive scale and mood has been used to record this album.

Also featured on this album and played by Curt:
Didgeridoo, Fujara, Bodhran, Bendir, Drone & Hybrid Flutes, Bullroarer

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Shipped worldwide and signed personally.

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Curt’s first solo album released in 2010: